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Tekken 7 Game Trailer rescored with original music by HM333XO.

Tekken is my favorite Fighting Game series of all time! The first Fighting Game I ever played was Tekken 5, and I’ve been a fan ever since!

Recently, I was playing Tekken 7 and I got inspired to write some music for the game. I wanted to create a track that focused on Akuma, since he’s always been one of my favorite characters from the Street Fighter games and I love his backstory. I was really excited about his appearance in Tekken after it was announced.

** This music track is NOT included in the official original version of the Tekken 7 game trailer released by Bandai Namco Entertainment in 2015. This is just a video edit that I made and rescored with my own original track titled “Akuma” **

Contact: musicbyhm333xo@gmail.com

Written by HM333XO
Produced by HM333XO
Synthesizer programming by HM333XO
Acoustic Guitar by HM333XO
Drum programming by HM333XO
Mixed and Mastered by HM333XO
© 2023 Dreamwave Multimedia Corporation
℗ 2023 Dreamwave Multimedia Corporation

Cover artwork designed by HM333XO
Cover artwork graphics and editing by HM333XO
© 2023 HM333XO (Hakizimana Trinity)
℗ 2023 HM333XO (Hakizimana Trinity)

Video designed and edited by HM333XO

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