Geometry Dash 2.2 Trailer

Geometry Dash Update 2.2 is coming to the App Store, Google Play, and Steam very soon. This is a massive update including:

– New level “Dash”
– New game mode: Swing
– New game type: Platformer
– 4 new Platformer levels
– New collectable: Moons
– Over 700 new icons
– Over 100 new achievements
– Add sound effects to levels with SFX Library
– New Music Library
– 9999 groups and colors
– Shader Effects
– Particle Editor
– Camera Controls
– Keyframe and Auto-Build system
– Gradient, Area, Rotate Gameplay, Scale, Random, and over 80 other new triggers
– Lots of editor improvements: Increased scaling, layer locking, color hex inputs, trigger precision, and more
– Lots of new art, such as over 1500 pixel blocks
– Lots of new animations
– Create lists of levels
– Over 30 new Gauntlets
– Set FPS freely
– New shops and chests
– New shards
– Secrets…
and much more!

Video by @viprin and @nasgubb
Some editor examples by @AutoNickGD
Music by @MDKOfficialYT and @CreoMusic

Listen to “Exosphere” by @CreoMusic:

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