POLYBRUTE -TUNDRA CUSTOM PATCH #polybrute #ambience #ambient #vangelis #custom

ALBEDO 40 Polybrute custom Patches,
YOU CAN BUY HERE: https://marksound.gumroad.com/l/vghzys
Many kind of different styles,Vangelis, ambience, drone, soundscape, cinematica, lounge, chill out, experimental, classic, Jarre, and many others new types of sound.All the creativity and power of the Arturia Polybrute Analog Synth, using Morphee, Mod Weel, Aftertouch and Ribbon to modulate the patch and sound, recorded a single patch at a time directly with no effects added, from my “ALBEDO POLYBRUTE SOUND BANK” available now.
Listen with headphones.
On my Gumroad Profile you will also find custom sound banks for Korg Wavestate, Korg Modwave also compatible with their respective Korg Native VST, and sound banks for Arturia Minifreak, Modal Argon and Korg Minilogue Xd and Arturia Pigments 4.
You can listen and Buy all my sound bank here
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