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“AMPHIBIA – DELUXE EDITION” is an expansion of one of my earliest albums originally released in 2019.
This deluxe edition takes you on an immersive voyage, as every track has been meticulously reimagined, enriched with new instruments, and remastered to deliver an even more breathtaking experience.
In addition to the original tracks, I’m thrilled to introduce three captivating interludes that seamlessly bridge the earthly and oceanic realms, I’ve also included two new bonus tracks.
The heart of “AMPHIBIA – DELUXE EDITION” beats with a profound connection to the natural world. Inspired by the fundamental beauty of our planet (vast skies, boundless oceans, meandering rivers, towering mountains…) each composition seeks to capture the essence of these elemental wonders. It’s a sonic voyage that invites you to contemplate the intricate relationship between Earth and Sea.

00:00 – Spread Your Wings (Deluxe Version)
04:13 – Cross the World (Deluxe Version)
08:59 – In Living Memory (Deluxe Version)
13:16 – Wild Grove (Interlude)
15:01 – Terra (Deluxe Version)
19:14 – Climb to the Top (Deluxe Version)
24:05 – The Seven Seas (Deluxe Version)
28:06 – On the Deck (Interlude)
29:46 – Amphibia (Deluxe Version)
34:03 – Oceans (Bonus Track)
38:46 – Nightfall (Bonus Track)
43:08 – Shorelines (Interlude)
43:59 – Spread Your Wings (No Choir)
48:13 – Terra (No Choir)
52:25 – The Seven Seas (No Choir)
56:25 – Amphibia (No Choir)

Music by Fox Sailor

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