VANGELIS…My Final Cover..Pulstar…And a Big Thankyou to you All.

Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou, better known as Vangelis(1943-2022)…This is my Final cover of his Amazing work and the piece is called Pulstar…I am not going to explain when Vangelis composed this work, I am just going to sat that without the music of my musical Legend, music would not be a large part of my life…Last cover and last of Vangelis on my Channel for quite a while now…I have done what I have wanted to and although his music will not appear again(well not for a long time), for me he will never ever be forgotten…My final cover is to promote what Vangelis meant to me but it also a chance to thankyou all for putting up with an old gits love of Vangelis in my vids…Thankyou Vangelis, but Thankyou to all of you…Cheers Les.


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