To The Unknown Man (alternative cover)

This is an original alternative cover composition By Synthworx re-composed, re-arranged, mixed and mastered By SWX.
Title: To The Unknown Man 825 (2023) (New Release)
From the original song by Vangelis

Take a listen, like, share, subscribe if you like my work, or not, and enjoy the music, and comment as you see fit.
Thank you for listening cheers.

If I don’t reply quickly sometimes it’s because I am composing I will read all comments once I am finished with my present work.
Thank you for your understanding.

I am presently working on some new themes, and will share them as they become completed.

Original rights to the composer and record label cover done under fair use.
I wanted to do a different style of this song so added a little change in the bridge section and instruments.

Buy the original from link below:

Visit the official Vangelis website from below:


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