Light and Shadow – Vangelis (Solo cover) 1492: Conquest of Paradise

I rediscovered this soundtrack after watching the movie over the summer and decided to try and record it but actually I’m not really sure of the words. It is not Latin, or at least in part it is.
Not all songs are in the film. I love this one.
As for the film: I don’t express political ideas. I find it to be a beautiful film that I can’t wait to see again. I found it by looking for M. Wincott’s filmography but I already knew the music from when I was young.
The figure of Cristoforo is “kinder” than what we know of the real facts. Yes, there are some historical errors, but it’s a really good film.
Obviously in a world like ours of political correctness (which I consider incorrect) a work like this will never be able to survive. I think Gérard Depardieu and Ridley Scott did a good job looking at the various faces of Cristoforo: the genius and the egoist, the man convinced he was sent by God.
In the final part a little more softened because then in reality we know that he was a conqueror.
If I was going to be politically correct I should never have watched it because it’s a film set in an era where many people were burned at the stake. The director does not spare us this and rightly so. Sigourney Weaver is a perfect queen. We have to be fair and always be able to contextualize the story.


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