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“Our Creation” is an orchestral cinematic music piece that explores the artistic creation of humans and the possibility that in the near future, machines will also be able to create art. This composition is inspired by the emotion and accomplishment of creation.

Upon listening to “Our Creation”, one may feel uplifted and moved by the intensity and passion of the music. The piece is dramatic and may be sad at times, but it also has a climactic and melancholic tone that gives it a dreamy and epic feel. Despite these emotional undertones, “Our Creation” is also hopeful and motivational, giving the listener a sense of success and accomplishment.

“Our Creation” is an intense and passionate music piece that celebrates the power and beauty of human artistic creation and raises the possibility that in the future, machines may also be able to create art in an emotional and moving way.

Epic orchestral music for trailers, cinematics and in-game backgrounds of adventure, rpg and strategy games.

This music is licensed for NO COPYRIGHT and NO ATTRIBUTION and your videos can be monetized on the youtube platform.

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♫ Music composed and produced by Daniel N. Martin, © 2023 ♫

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