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Here is a trailer I did for a horror project I want to create. The amazing Jérémy Ben Ammar did the music and sound design .
Thank you so much for all your messages! Some info on the project this is a concept trailer for a series/feature film that doestnt exist yet. I did it in my freetime during 6 months outside my work in the animation industry (animation, layout, storyboard, concept art). Because of the visibility this short had, I had the enormous luck of being contacted by some people that can make this into a real thing . I am now working on writing and developing the story, characters and universe. I am still in the beggining of development so I don’t have dates yet but I will let you know as soon as possible. It would be cool also to make a horror game in this universe but maybe later… I might also do a little making of of this trailer if that interests you! Subscribe or follow me on instagram for more news about the project! I will let you know about the next steps ! Thank you again all for the kind messages, I try to read them all!


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