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►DESCRIPTION: Resistance – a hard-hitting, cinematic trailer with orchestral and digital elements. Perfect for projects such as epic trailers, heroic ads, motivational movies, action scenes, scene revival, strength of mind, battle, fighting, powerful presentations and much more.

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► Can I use this music in my videos?
● Sure! Just download this track and you are ready to use it! Use a license file to release a Copyright Claim.

► What is “Music Licensing”?
It means that this is copyrighted material. Music License is a document that grants you a legal permission to use this music.

► Will I have copyright STRIKE with this track?
● No! RomanSenykMusic do not issue a Copyright Strikes!

► Is it necessary to become your patron?
● No, it’s not necessary. But we recommend you to become our patron because you will get access to huge library of music. You will download only highest quality files. You will find additional edited versions of every track. You always be tuned with our news. You will find music not only from Roman Senyk but also from another talented authors.

► Why I received a copyright claim when I used this track?
● Do not panic! This is a part of legal process. Dispute a claim and use a release code from License file. If the claim has not been released within 24 hours feel free to email and they can help you clear the claim.

► Do I need to credit you in my video?
● It’s not necessary! But for sure we will be grateful for any credits. In case you want to credit us then just add to the description of your project information about Author, Name of Song and the link to our original track. Or copy and paste:

Music Info: Resistance by RomanSenykMusic.
Music Link:

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