Suffice it to say, I am infatuated with the ASM HYDRASYNTH. This may be my favorite remake yet. I’ve never experienced the range of expression possible with poly after touch and ribbon controller until playing around with this synth. Some soft synths have poly touch capabilities (and the CS-80 emulations have a ribbon), but the midi controller never seems to transmit all the subtleties like it does when you’re playing the HYDRASYNTH’s onboard presets.

In any case, this was a joy to make and I can’t wait to get to know this amazing instrument better. It is accurate to say “FEATURING the ASM HYDRASYNTH,” as opposed to “Remade with” – because, although this synth CAN recreate all of these sounds, I didn’t have the patience to program every single one from scratch (I was too anxious to get this track completed). Instead I used the presets that require the least tweaking and then filled in the rest with emulations of synths that Vangelis also used on his original. List of instruments as follows:

ASM HYDRASYNTH DELUXE: Lead sound, strings, various ambient divers and risers, swelling bass pads, deep rumbl
XILS + (Roland VP-330): Strings
ARTURIA PROPHET 5 V: Diving asteroid
ARTURIA STAGE 73 V (Rhodes): Rhode accent parts, harp glissandos
ARTURIA CMI V: Repeating bell
ROLAND JUPITER 4: Dyno pad bass, arpeggiated bells and computer blips
ROLAND PROMARS COMPUPHONIC: Undulating spaceship noise, bass
GFORCE OB-E: Atmospheric pad
EastWest OPUS (multiple plugins): various percussion, drums, cymbals, chimes
EastWest OPUS RA: Santoor glissando
CHERRY AUDIO GX-80: Reverberated santoor low string surge

Recorded with Pro Tools
#vangelis #bladerunner #hydrasynth #synthmusic #arturia #roland #cherryaudio #eastwest #newage #gforce


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