VANGELIS – HYMNE Remake with the GX-80 by Cherry Audio

If you notice that the lead line is not as expressive as Vangelis’, it might be a hardware limitation, but believe me – I tried. No matter; no reproduction can match his performance anyway. In any case, I’m pleased to showcase the lovely work done by Cherry Audio on this magnificent virtual synth reproduction of the famous CS-80 and its predecessor the GX-1.

Anyone who is interested in trying the presets, I’ve got a folder of presets I made for Irlande and for Hymne that are located here:

I didn’t bother organizing them properly, so you’ll get some “in progress” grade presets. PLEASE ALSO NOTE that they are detuned, so use the global tuning to set them back to zero. LASTLY, without a keyboard that has polyphonic aftertouch, these sounds will sound flat / non-expressive by comparison.

Let me know if they work (or don’t). Typically, you would copy them to your folder system here: C:Users(your user name)AppDataRoamingCherryAudioGX-80PresetsUser Presets

Percussion: East West Opus
Everything Else: the GX-80 by Cherry Audio

Recorded with Reaper:

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