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Right here is one of the most heartwarming song of all time “CONQUEST OF PARADISE” by legendary Greek singer “VANGELIS”.

This song quickly rose to the top of the charts upon release. Our goal was to make sure that this glorious track lives on in the hearts of all it’s audience without diminishing its beauty and originality, so we gave it a modern vamp before bringing it under the limelight once again.


Song Credits:

Album: 1492: Conquest of Paradise

Released: 1992

Artist: Vangelis

Genres: New Age, Natural sounds

Songwriters: Evangelos Papathanassiou


About the Artist:

👉 Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou, known professionally as Vangelis, was a Greek composer and arranger of electronic, progressive, ambient, and classical orchestral music.


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In nòreni per ìpe, in noreni corà
Tirà mine per ìto, no dominà
In nòreni per ìpe, in noreni corà
Tirà mine per ìto, no dominà
In nòreni per ìpe, in noreni corà
Tirà mine per ìto, no dominà
In ròmine tirmèno, ne ròmine to fa
Imàgines por meno, pèr imentirà

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