Vangelis † – Lonsome (Album Nocturne)

Evanghelos Odyssey Papathanassiou is the full name of the man known to many as the artist Vangelis. Although best known for his musical compositions Vangelis has not limited himself to the role of composer, as he also likes to paint and sculpt. Born in Volos, Greece on the 29th of March 1943 Vangelis was raised together with a sister and brother.

According to his own memories Vangelis has always been fascinated by sound and music, ever since his earliest childhood. He remembers as a kid he was always banging on things to see what kind of sound it would produce, and even staging a public concert at the age of six ! The fascination for sound is essential to understand Vangelis and his work.

During his long career (now already spanning more than 30 years), his work has received the appreciation of a worldwide public, and received many prizes. Nevertheless it seems that Vangelis has always tried to let his music prevail before any commercial success.

From his early successes with groups like the Forminx and Aphrodite’s Child, to his highly acclaimed scores for movies like Chariots of Fire and Conquest of Paradise, Vangelis usually shies away from public attention and rather focuses on his next experiment in artistic creation.

Vangelis passed away on May 17th 2022. (R.I.P)

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