Vangelis – 12 o’Clock ☩☦Requiescat in Pacem☦☩ [Slowed+Reverb]

All credits to: Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou (Requiescat in Pacem, αδελφός) Windows Movie Maker, and my long existing turntable, a Pioneer PL-L800.

My tribute to a great composer, great artist, insanely humorous man.
Jon had heard about this keyboard sorcerer in Paris, gaining the address.
He got in contact with Phil Carson, they jumped on a plane to Paris, where both grabbed a cab to said address.
Arriving there, ring the bell … .

A gorgeous girl opened the door, waved them in when they said the name Vangelis.

Walking to the pile of keyboards in the distance, an arrow flew across the room and embedded itself in a bullseye target next to them … .
“Is he trying to kill us?” asked Jon Anderson. Phil Carson peered at the perfectly placed arrow and replied, “I think if he wanted to kill us, we would be dead already!”.
Vangelis, wearing a kaftan carrying a bow and arrow, greeted both from the room.

New arrow, he placed the arrow on the bow, draw, aim, let go.
the arrow flew down this long hallway, right through an open window. “Vangelis, you could have killed someone!” Jon screamed in his high pitched voice, to which Vangelis, dead calm, dry as a tourniquet, with dead-serious look answered …

… “Oh, don’t worry, I’m Greek.” …

Fantastic! XD

Another awesome musician that departed the physical plane, becoming Quantum Energy again.
And the cycle continues.
He’s still here, mind, just in less organised form.

Simple physics and Quantum physics:
Energy nor data ever is gone.
So, nor will Vangelis!


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