Vangelis Tribute (1943 – 2022)

Vangelis has been my inspiration, my idol and my example for all my conscious life. Ever since I heard ‘To the unknown man’ at the age of 8 I was hooked on the style and music of this incredible composer and musician. I have since then collected all of his albums. When I heard he sadly passed away I had to do something. So this is a ‘mix’ I worked on very hard and very long with my personal favorite tracks of Vangelis. I hope it gives you some comfort and/or you enjoy it.

I’m sure you think some tracks are missing, to everyone it’s a personal feeling. But to me this feels as a good overview of his music that has changed and influenced my life.

Rest in peace, unknown man.

Songs used in this mix:

0:00 – To The Unknown Man & Conquest of Paradise (with a sample of Spiral)
1:40 – Chariots of Fire (with a sample of Dervish D)
2:50 – Main theme from ‘Missing’
4:18 – Pulsar
4:34 – Mixed in ‘Blade Runner End Titles’
4:51 – Blade Runner End Titles
5:41 – Tears in the Rain (from Blade Runner)
6:31 – So Long Ago, So Clear (With Jon Anderson)
7:33 – Hymn (The version from the album Portraits)
8:35 – Elsewhere
9:33 – Sauvage et Beau
11:21 – Voices
12:58 – Ignacio (Entends tu les chiens aboyer?)
13:49 – Mixed in ‘To The Unknown Man’
14:40 – To The Unknown Man


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