VANGELIS BLADE RUNNER END TITLES – Remake with GForce OB-E Oberheim 8-Voice

This is an homage to three of my heroes – Vangelis, Tom Oberheim, and the talented development team at GForce. I have “replicated” one of my all time favorite musical scores using my all time favorite virtual synth. When he composed the original track, I know Vangelis’ weapon of choice was the Yamaha CS-80, but I really wanted to remake this with the OB-E (, which is now my weapon of choice. With just a few exceptions (the choir sound was a preset on the Emulator, the laser was a preset on the Prophet, both by Arturia, and I created the snare drum using the HIVE by U-he), all of these sounds were created on the OB-E. There were close to 70 different tracks / layers in this session and nearly as many sounds. I have my own personal sound bank of Vangelis presets now.

If you own the OB-E and you’d like to test a couple of the presets for free, please do – and let me know if they work in the comments below! I’m trying to see whether I could legitimately sell these…

BR Bass:

BR Timpani and Bell:

Just paste the link into your URL browser and click the download button at the top left. Then put the file in the folder with your other OB-E presets. I keep mine in this directory:
C:Program FilesGForceOB-EPresetsUser

Special thanks to Crypto Tecky for these additional instructions:

The presets have to be in the special user directory that’s mentioned in the manual. It’s hard coded so if they aren’t in the exact location OB-E will not see them. And it’s not the same location as the factory presets. Search the manual and you’ll find it. And it’s different for Mac and Windows.

If you have a Mac the hardest part is finding the directory since the library folder is hidden in Finder. You have to open Finder and hold down Option while clicking on the Finder View menu. Then you’ll see the Library folder and can navigate to the location specified in the manual.

Oh – and make sure the OB-E sequencer is off of “Daw Sync” when you’re trying to preview the sound.

More details at this link – scroll down to “patch management”:

Recorded using Reaper:

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