Vangelis reacts to Vangelis reacting to Vangelis reacting to Igudesman & Joo!!!

Dear Vangelis – we will miss you so much! You were one of the kindest, funniest, warmest and most talented people we are proud to call a friend. You have hosted us at your home after our performances, birthdays and you were always open for mischief.

When we asked you to say that you hate our arrangement of your legendary Academy Awards Oscar winning Chariots of Fire, you couldn‘t do it – not even as a joke. When we filmed this reaction video of you, you insisted on watching the reaction video.

And then watching the reaction video of the reaction video. You had our insane sense of humour and thats why this is our little tribute to you. You will stay in our hearts forever! Your Aleksey & Hyung-ki


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