Trailer Music For Movies And YouTube No Copyright

Trailer Music For Movies And YouTube No Copyright by Elysium Audio Labs.
Please read the description below if you want to use this track.

Ideal for movie and game trailers, action trailer, science fiction, dark content, sports trailers, horror, psychological thrillers, advertising, promos, and more.

✅ Use this track for FREE IN NON-COMMERCIAL VIDEOS (no promotion of paid products or services) WITHOUT MONETIZATION.
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Track: “Solaris”
Music by Elysium Audio Labs



✅ You will receive a copyright notification to protect your content from abuse and fraudulent copyright strikes. It doesn’t affect your video or channel in any way. Just ignore it, leave it there and do not dispute it. Please continue reading below or see the FAQ on our website to learn more about that

“No Copyright” means you won’t receive a copyright strike from YouTube if you use this track for free in your non-commercial videos.

Musicians must NEVER use our music without written permission. All rights reserved. Re-uploading our music is strictly prohibited.

✅ For commercial productions and monetized channels, licenses are available on our website:

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✅ This track is registered with Content ID to protect you from criminals and illegal copyright claims and strikes. For more information, please see our FAQ.

➡ If you haven’t purchased a license and use the track for free in your non-commercial videos:
You might receive a copyright notification on your YouTube videos. You don’t have to take any actions and there’s nothing to worry about, quite the opposite: It’s literally the only way to protect your videos from people fraudulently registering our music and then issuing false claims and strikes against your channel. A claim from the legal owner of all copyrights is the only way to protect your property from criminals when using free music, since this way no one has the possibility to take down your content or even harm your entire channel.

Your video will be perfectly fine and it doesn’t affect the standing of your channel in any way. We won’t ever delete your video and you won’t have any restrictions except monetization, as mentioned above. You have our permission, so just leave the claim and do not dispute it, except if you have purchased a license for commercial purposes.

This intense cinematic trailer music track features intense hits and earth-shattering booms & impacts, ticking clocks, disturbing alarms, custom sound design, synths, downers, risers, sFX and more.



What’s royalty-free music?

To learn more about royalty-free music, please see the FAQ on our website:

Can’t I just give you credit, use your music for free and still monetize my videos?

No, unfortunately you can’t.
According to international law, giving credit does not protect you from copyright infringement. You need a license to show YouTube and Google that you have the necessary rights to use the music in your productions. Otherwise your videos cannot be monetized.

For further questions, please see our FAQ




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