Cinematic War Trailer by Infraction [No Copyright Music] / Stardust

Infraction is one of the safest YouTube channels dedicated to no copyright music for content creators.

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“Stardust” is 100% no copyright background music (royalty free)!


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You can use this track for any projects and monetize it.


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“Epic War Trailer” is powerful hybrid epic track. I used cinematic beat, strings, orchestra. This track is nice for drone, travel, vlog, corporate, inspirational videos. Documentary background music for your projects!




– What is Royalty Free Music?

What is Royalty Free Music?


– Can I use this track for my youtube video?

Yes. You can use this track for any video (not only YouTube).

– Can I monetize the video if I will use this track?

Yes. All my tracks are “No Copyright” it means you can monetize your videos.


About using the music:

– You can NOT claim the music as your own.

– You can NOT sell the music anywhere.


I got a FAKE COPYRIGHT CLAIM! What should i do?

How to Remove Copyright Claim from YouTube, Facebook (Meta), Instagram





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