Pulstar – VANGELIS by Carlos Trilha

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A piece of music from the album Albedo 0.39 by Vangelis.
“Pulstar” (possibly a portmanteau of “pulsar” and “star”) builds on a synthesizer pulse sequence, a main line and various other synthesizer brass lines. It ends with a recording of the speaking clock.
Albedo 0.39 is a studio album by the Greek electronic composer Vangelis, released in 1976. It was the second album produced by Vangelis in Nemo Studios, London, which was his creative base until the late 1980s.
It is a concept album themed around space physics (the reflection of light i.e. physical truth[3]). Its title is inspired by the idea of a planet’s albedo, the proportion of the light it receives that is reflected back into space. The album title refers to the average albedo value of the planet Earth as it was in 1976.


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