Vangelis – Damask Rose – Blade Runner Soundtrack (HQ images)

One of the most beautiful soundtracks ever made for a movie. Vangelis composed those fantastic songs to match perfectly the outstanding Ridley Scott´s creation, the iconic Blade Runner. Surely a top ten movie of all time! Considered the last analog Syfy movie made, there was no CGI then. All we see on the screen was captured by the 70mm. films in their cameras!!!

Ridley has painted with lights to get each frame perfect, to give life to that definitive masterpiece. Vangelis was inspired and not far behind! Together they produced a true Classic, hard to beat!

To “watch” the other songs go to:

01 Main Title –
02 Blush Response –
03 Memories Of Green –
04 Blade Runner Blues –
05 Tales Of The Future –
06 Love Theme –

08 Tears In Rain –
09 End Title –
10 Rachel –
11 Wait For Me –
12 One More Kiss –


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