BEST Electronic Music – 2022 – Inspired by Vangelis-Jean Michel Jarre – full album

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NEW! 9 Albums – 90 synthesizer Tracks!

Composed and Produced by Arnaud van Beek
© 2013 AVB Music Productions

This dream music is influenced by all known electronic musicians like Kitaro, Vangelis, Kraftwerk. Powerfull synthesizer music. música electrónica

You here the songs in the following order:

1. A Sitars Crown 0:00
2. Feel the Road 4:02
3. A Wolves Howl 9:00
4. Oase 14:55
5. World Sounds 21:25
6. Guids 27:30
7. Kyara 33:27
8. Open Emotions 39:31
9. The Bridge 45:12
10.Home 50:43

Электронная Музыка – Синтезатор – ретро – синти-поп – Русланд
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Powerfull electronic synthesizer music. Full Album HD. Jean Michel Jarre versus Vangelis


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